12"-24" Quad Rail Tapping Machine

12" - 24" Taps

This machine performs 12"-24" under pressure taps
Use Hydraulic or Electric drives on the same machine depending on what you need.
Buy both drives and use the machine indoors and outdoors!
Includes both access points
Gear driven for the ultimate in performance and reliability!
300 psi@ 100 deg F.
200 psi @ 250 deg F.
Quad rails (4) ensure a very rigid
hottap and eliminates any twisting or flexing
from machines with less rails. This design eliminates
the machine from binding up under pressure and performs a flawless tap.
All adaptors are ANSI 150 lb rated and drilled for use on standared flange or MJ valves.
All of our machines are made in the USA!

WT312-HD Complete Package Includes
1- Hydraulic and Electric Drive Tapping Machine
1- Handwheel
1- Set cutter bolts
1- set pilot pins
1- drive motor your choice or add the second drive motor for an additional cost
1- Machine stand
1- 2 1/2"  carbide cutter
1- 3 1/2"  carbide cutter
1- 5 1/2"  carbide cutter
1- 7 1/2"  carbide cutter
1- 9 1/2"  carbide cutter
1- 11 1/2" carbide cutter
1- WT 3"-8" pilot drill
1-WT 8"-12" pilot drill
2- replaceble pilot tips
** We offer boring bar extension kits for more travel and shorter kits for tighter locations.
The boring bar and rail packages can be easily installed to meet specific job requirements.
Please enquire**
12"-24"Quad Rail Tapping Machine