13 Horse Power Gasoline Hydraulic Power Packs

8GPM 2000PSI Hydro Packs

These items are Installed on this line of Power Units.
13 h.p Honda engine 8 GPM  @ 2000 psi
This hydraulic power pack is the perfect unit for our line of smaller 3"-12" hydraulic tapping machines Add a wheel package and make it a portable unit!

▪ Honda's Series Of Gasoline Engines
▪ American Made, Heavy Duty Gear Pumps
▪ Mobile Style, Rugged Hydraulic Reservoir
▪ Transport Handles


A Wide assortment of options are available and can be tailor made to match your requirements.

▪ Greater Pump Capacities
▪ Increased Horsepower Supplies
▪ Diesel Engines
▪ Fan-Cooled Heat Exchangers
▪ Tire/Wheel Sizes & Combinations
▪ Control Valves and Actuators
▪ Powder Coatings Finishes & Colors
▪ Cages with lifting provisions
▪ Spin On Hydraulic Filter
▪ Quick Couplings
▪ Selector Valve Standard
▪ Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
many different GPM and Pressure ratings available. Please call for different combinations and different size applications!

Total: $4,465.00 plus shipping


13 Horse Power Gasoline Hydraulic Power Packs