10 Horse Power Electric Hydraulic Power Packs

8GPM 2000PSI Hydro Packs

8 GPM @ 2000 psi.
This hydraulic power pack is perfect for indoor hot tapping or other applications. Pair this up with our 3"-12" hydraulic tapping machine and tap anywhere indoors!
NOTE: Single Phase Motors available for 5 hp, 7.5 hp, 10 hp. Please call for information.

▪ High Quality Electric Motors, T.E.F.C.
▪ American Made, Heavy Duty Gear Pumps
▪ Rugged Hydraulic Reservoirs
▪ Filler/Breather Cap
▪ Additional Reservoir Porting To Add Accessories

▪ Various Valve Choices
▪ Different Working Pressures
▪ Filters, Gauges and Quick Couplings
▪ Larger Hydraulic Reservoirs
▪ Electrical Controls and Activators
▪ Magnetic Motor Starters
▪ Different Pumps, Vane & Piston Styles
▪ Wheels and Transport Handles
10 Horse Power Electric Hydraulic Power Packs