Therm-o-Well Fittings

1/2"  & 3/4" thermowell fittings designed to be welded onto steel mains. This fitting allows a well to be installed into a live main under pressure. Once the fitting is welded in place you can install a ball valve or gate vale on the outside of the fitting. Once this is performed you can install our WT-3/4-2" Tapping machine and solid bit to perform the hottap. Once the hot tap is performed you close the temporary ball valve or gate valve and remove the WT-3/4-2" Tapping machine. Next you insert the special well insertion tool into the WT-3/4-2" Tapping machine and thread the well into the thermowell fitting. Once the well is tight it seasl off all of the pressure and you can remove the tapping machine and temporary ball valve of gate valve.
Therm-o-Wel Fittings Top View
  Therm-o-Wel Fittings Side View